Our Architectural Team can provided a full range of services including Architectural/Interior Design, Landscape Design, 3D Modeling of your project, Computer Renderings, Computer Video Tours of the projected project, as well as providing a level of service exceeded by the clients expectations.

Our engineering staff is well versed in not only the Greek and European Codes, but also the American Laws and Regulations. They continuously update their references and software to assure that they have the most current data available to incorporate into their designs.

Project Management
We are well versed in Project Management as we have completed this effort for the majority of our Greek Projects and PCAS for the U.S. projects. This effort includes obtaining the required permits, coordination of the various sub-contractors, construction inspection, system operations testing, as well as utility connections and permit closure.

Design of military and civilian buildings and infrastructures
One of the unique requirements encountered by MM Group while completing the work for the U.S. Military entails the compliance of the design to the various Force Protection /Antiterrorist regulations. These include access restrictions, offset requirements as well as blast analysis from conventional weapons utilized by terrorist groups.

Seismic migration of buildings and structural rehabilitation
Crete is located on a major European fault line that seriously increases the requirement for designs of new facilities to comply with the most current Seismic codes. MM Group has experienced Structural Engineers on staff that have an in depth knowledge of these requirements for both American and European seismic codes. Our Structural Engineers have also completed numerous projects requiring a seismic analysis and upgrade of older buildings in an effort to protect them during a significant seismic event.

Modern Security and SMART Systems designed for Military and Civilian Applications
Some of these modern security systems include but are not limited to CCTV, Fire Alarm, Intrusion Detection, Mass Notification, Fiber Optic backbone and SMART systems.

Sustainable Design and Specialized Methods for Buildings and Infrastructures

MM Group design team emphasizes on Sustainable Design and the "Integrated Design" process and ensures that goals are met through set and tested Quality Control Practices. The teams of all Management, Engineering and QC disciplines are in full cooperation from the beginning of each project, ensuring that this is considered as a whole from the initial stage and throughout the design process.